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DD worthy

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 7, 2017, 3:36 PM
These days it's difficult to find photography on here which really stands out. I mean REALLY stands out, especially since DA isn't attracting the people it once did and so many here have left for other sites. That being said, incredible work can still be found and seen on here & you just have to know where to go to find it. 

I thought I would share with all of you work that I would give DD to if I was still a volunteer. These images IMHO all deserve it & are worthy. Amazing work. Inspiring work. Incredible work. 


Lucy by Lain-AwakeAtNight

Sunset-at-a-Lake-in-Kissimmee-Florida by CaptainKimo

Tiny Robin by missfortune11

Ellie by Wolfskuss

Stormy by Annabelle-Chabert

Teton Fall by porbital

Siberian Jay by chriskaula

Playing in traffic as a photographer

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2016, 8:23 AM
It's an important thing. Not that kind of traffic where cars zoom by but the sort of traffic that makes up ones website(s). 
Traffic is important. For those of us who make our living in the creative world, it's invaluable. For me, it's a big thing, it tells me how many have seen my photography and allows me to market accordingly. So with that being said, I want to share something with you all. 

I uploaded my latest shot to here on DA and on 500px. The picture on DA was uploaded 30 minutes before the photo on 500px. Keep that in mind. 

Views 40 
Favourites 21

Views 81
Favourites 28

I think we know who gets the traffic between the 2 websites.
That says a lot doesn't it now? :)
You're welcome. 

Let's have a conversation DA

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 5, 2016, 8:23 AM

So I was reading this on DA 

Celebrating 16 Years of DeviantArt!Description here...
Celebrate 16 Years of DeviantArt
DeviantArt launched 16 years ago, providing a community of artists and art appreciators with a place to call home. Now, on August 7th, as we celebrate our Sweet Sixteen, we’re bringing a birthday celebration to our deviants around the world! From the comfort of your computer, help us celebrate the reason we’re all here today — our vibrant and inspirational community!
Standing at the cusp of Internet-adulthood, it’s always enjoyable to look back and embrace the carefree days of our artistic youth. This year, while adult coloring books are flying off the shelves nearly faster than fiction, what better way to unwind than celebrating with some coloring of your own? Using the Paint Bucket Tool in your favorite image-editing software, download our template and find inspiration and serenity in the swirling shapes.
 I laughed. You know it's bad when they have to list "you get a special symbol next to your name that indicates you're a paying subscriber!"

Hey DA let's have a conversation shall we?

DA is where I started online, sort of. Before that I was active in photography communities that were forums all around the internet.It wasn't long though that I found DA and made it my home almost 13 years ago. I've seen the website drastically change, some good and some very bad in that time.

Honestly if I had the cash I would do a hostile takeover of it. I'd buy it and I would change its name to something better suited than what it currently is. I'd do a lot of things different and I'd actually keep things up to date which have fallen by the wayside (for those of you on there, remember when Portfolios was released??? Wow, what happened with that!?) Groups need a complete and total makeover and sorry but nobody should have to pay $100 a year to upgrade their group so their front page looks shiny.

The site has always had potential but stagnation has forced many to move onward despite it still being the worlds largest art site and having millions of users.

Ahhh if I only had the cash to purchase it and make it into what it truly could be,......

We've brought this crap up for years and it's fallen on deaf years. It's truly sad to be honest. 

Here, have some art to enjoy. 

Call Of The Wild. by andy-j-s  Cobweb Blooms ad Libitum by KeldBach  along the path by MartinAmm

It's been awhile hasn't it DA? 
Well today I am writing you something to address a little something I recently experienced. Let's call it for what it is, "art theft" and nothing less than that. I was recently made aware that a certain high profile deviant whom I won't mention (because I would like to keep it classy) recently took one of my most popular photographs of an Elk, erased my signature on it and put it up on Tumblr. Cute, eh? Sure if you consider that sort of thing as cute, which I certainly don't. 

I went ahead and contacted my lawyer and I also went ahead and sent Tumblr a DCMA takedown notice. Beyond that I also went ahead and contacted the deviant in question and posted on their front page as to confront them. Now I've been around these parts long enough to know that people don't like being called out publicly for their actions, especially when it relates to art theft but you know what? My give a damn isn't only busted, it's been reworked to where my attitude basically is "I don't give a shit anymore". Of course said minions went off but as I said, I could care less. I have all the proof I need with Tumblr agreeing with me in the DCMA takedown. 

Now how does this all work with regards to © you ask? 


Let's suppose that said deviant was telling the truth for a moment (which she wasn't) and actually just reblogged my image on Tumblr that someone else posted. Here is where most people don't get it but I'm going to tell you something; they should. See, sharing stolen artwork is identical from sharing anything else that is copyrighted; illegal. If you go ahead and share something on Tumblr that doesn't belong to you, you are in effect committing a crime. Yes there is fair usage but when the image is altered and no credit given anywhere or the source not sourced, you're screwing the pooch. Why do you think torrents with sharing music are getting people sued? The scenario is no different, in fact it is technically the same. Napster sent precedence for this years ago. 

This sort of thing pissed me right off. People who steal from artists, especially other artists have a very special place in hell. The only income I get is from my photography and I bust my ass doing so. I work my ass off like no tomorrow to barely scrape by. It isn't hard to credit my photograph, I openly welcome people sharing my work but when you alter it so any reference to me is photoshopped out and don't link back to where it came from? You're walking on the fighting side of me as Johnny Cash said. 

I thought I'd take a few this morning and write this journal because well, quite frankly I can. 
Granted, I'm not around here much these days and I'm busy working, doing what I love, photography. That being said however, I couldn't stay quiet any longer. 

What in the world has happened to this site? Usually I blow things like this over and mind my own business but when it hits my wallet, well that's a different entirely and something needs to be said. 
The site here seems to be dying, literally. I've noticed not only a huge drop in my viewership but also in other high profile photographers work as well. In fact, it's safe to say that in that regards, things have absolutely tanked and crashed and burned. Something is wrong with this picture. 

My print sales have absolutely tanked. Other people I'm friends with are saying the exact same thing as well. It seems that our shop here on DA is now an empty Main Street and we're not entirely sure why but would like to know what's up. Getting an answer though isn't going to happen and you'd have more luck finding a winning lottery ticket on the street. That is a huge thing and a huge hit for myself and other photographers to take. It used to be that DA was good in this area however the last 8 months to a year has been something else. 

It seems like people have moved on to other places and in droves. Flickr, 500px, YouPic, facebook, etc. Can you blame them? 

I was rather shocked when I happened to take a look and see that DA nearly doubled the cost of their subscription. I'm sorry DA but $50/year costs me more than my hosting does on my actual website. That's right, my hosting on Zenfolio is less than a subscription to DA. Sure I may be 'subscribed 'til hell freezes over' but that's not my point. When your average age of your website is like 15, honestly how many kids at that age have that sort of money? Not much. People then go back to being a basic member and notice that their art is wrapped up and draped in averts all over the place. 

I've bitched about the advertising policy for literally years and you know what's happened? Absolutely nothing at all. DA is still using every single photo on this website posted as personal revenue for the site. Now some of you may say "but DA needs money to operate". My answer to that is so does Flickr, 500px, YouPic, and very single site on the internet that's considered a photography site. Yet not a single one of these sites is doing something so sleezy and dirty as to monetize your photographs for their own personal gain. There is no opting out of this either. You simply can't. If your photograph has EXIF in it, DA is linking to Amazon to where someone can purchase the same exact camera you have and all the accessories to go along with it. Hi Alex, I'll take "what's the Amazon corporate referral program for $100 please?"
Don't believe me? When was the last time you actually logged out and took a long hard look at how your artwork actually looked? Wake up call, it looks like CRAP. Go ahead and do it. Do you like those ads surrounding it at every corner?

Check this out.

Da 2 by kkart Da 1 by kkart

Isn't that a thing of beauty? How about nope. Ding! Done!

For years I've written about the problems on here and for years nothing has been done. Lip service paid with "oh we'll look into that" to satisfy people momentarily yet things like groups having the ability to have forums, which were asked for way back when groups in beta and begged for, still falls on deaf ears. Things like the portfolio has all been forgotten about. I bitched about that 5 flippin years ago. Know what's been done? Dust. That's what's been done. All but forgotten about. Meanwhile this is happening and your competition is eating you absolutely alive DA. Oh and 500px's groups aren't only better than yours, it seems like their designers actually know how to make something that isn't absolutely chaotic. My gosh, it's not all spammy and instead there's some incredible discussion happening. Of cours ethey have forums which allows that, too. Let's take a look at the Landscape photography group on DA shall we? Look at that! All those informative discussions and people interacting. Guess what's impossible to do here on DA? That. DA you fail.

It seems to me that your arrogance and narcissism has gotten the best of you. You're far to wrapped up in celebrating your own birthday than you are listening to the community. Newsflash, Nobody really gives two shits about your birthday. Big flippin' deal. People want a site that works, that functions, they want a site that isn't so self absorbed itself, a site who actually listens to the community. Instead we get a site that procrastinates on stuff, our viewership and interactions falling and our sales tanking.

No wonder why people are leaving in droves, Has anybody even noticed that paid staff was slashed?
A word of advice DA, fix your shit before the ship truly sinks.
In the mean time, it's high time I examine why I'm even on here anymore and high time I truly do think about leaving. It's simply not the way it once was. Sorry but it isn't and it's time I join my friends perhaps for better pastures.
Greetings all! A special print sale for you my DA and Facebook followers!
How are you all doing out there in the land that is deviantART & Facebook?
I thought I'd do a little something for you all my DA and facebook followers of my photography. 
Last night I realized that I had reached a million page views. It's funny, I always wondered how long that would take and it finally happened. It made me reflect back on the first day I joined DA and be very thankful for how many of you have supported me in that time. So, I figured I'd celebrate some by holding a print sale. The details are right below. 

20% off any print, canvas and product! 
That's correct. 20% off anything in my DA shop and I mean anything!
So how are we going to do this? Simple! If you see something you like in my shop, note me a link or thumbnail saying you'd like to purchase it and I will change the price accordingly. Please note me when you've purchased it so I may switch it back. That's it and all to it folks! Easy as cake! So, if you've ever wanted to purchase my work to hang on your walls, now's a great time! This sale will last a couple weeks. Again, I appreciate all the support you've all shown me through the years, do I ever. Thank you everybody!
John :heart: 

Sunrise Over The Front Range by kkart  A Fall Snow At Sunrise by kkart  Fall In The West Elks by kkart

Little Buddy by kkart  Hey Don't Forget Me by kkart  Old Fords And Farms by kkart

Baby Bunny by kkart  White-tailed Deer Fawn In Grass by kkart  Where The Spirits Dwell by kkart

A Beautiful Chill by kkart  Prophetic Memories by kkart  A September Remembrance by kkart
Sunflowers Of Golden Hour by kkart
Do you shoot Sony cameras? 
If you do, I have a tip for you and it's one that you've probably never heard of. What if I told you that you could immediately make your photographs better at a cost of nothing to you? What if I told you I've moved away from using Lightroom as my mainstay photo editor and instead now use the software which came with your camera, Sony IDC, as my RAW converter? Are you interested? If you use Sony cameras you should be! Head over to my photoblog… where I go in depth as to why I have switched and the massive benefits in doing so. Comparison samples all, posted!
I once said that first and foremost, how you see your artwork is what matters the most. 

I stand by those comments to this day and it really is what matters the most. Insecurity within your own artwork plagues many people. In this day and age of instant gratification with facebook, flickr, DA, 500px, everyone wants a pat on the back and ages ago on DA I wrote several journals about this about how deep down, it's all just meaningless BS. The drive by ego stroking doesn't help you evolve as an artist at all and if anything it can actually make things worse. How so? The answer is a relatively simple one really. People begin to base their self worth as an artist by how much something a piece of art is commented on, by how many favs it has, how many pageviews, how many shares. This is also a relatively new phenomenon. Case in point, if this was 15 years ago, none of us would even be having this conversation right now because the expectations we put on things simply doesn't exist as a medium to do this. If this was 1999 and you were, I don't know, let's say whatever age you are now, what would you be doing? You'd be creating is what you'd be doing and not getting caught up in the superficial rat race of instant gratification & feedback. 

Now I know there are some people who will utterly think otherwise but prove me wrong. I can't even begin to tell you how I have literally watched people hang up their camera, their paints, their pencils, all because they get frustrated because they base their self worth as an artist on social networking sites. They get mad at you when you don't comment on things, fav their things, share their things and thus put pressure on you and the relationship you have with them. Is that right? Is it really? No it isn't. however this is the day and age we now live in. We simply expect too much out of others and place an incredible amount of importance if someone gives us feedback about our work. Now that isn't to say that isn't important because it is however at the same time there is a fine line between expectation and desire. 

3 years ago I made myself a promise. To this day I kept that promise and if so, more than anything, I live it now more than ever. What is it? To take a step back from social networking sites and photography sites as a whole. I did that and to this day I still do it. I concentrate on my photography now as much as humanly possible and I have set forth a very distinct goal to make a living out of what I do and to be the best I can possibly be as a photographer. Eventually this will lead to other things like holding paid workshops and education but right now I want to shoot as much as possible and not stop. I want to be out with my camera as much as I can and I want to see nature, experience life and see things I fortunate to see as much as possible. I follow photographers who I look up to and I don't expect a single thing from them in return. Some of these photographers I call personal friends and I shoot with them while others I don't know but learn from what their photoblogs say and the images which they take. 

Photography, like any other artistic medium is in a constant state of evolution for the artist. It always is and always will be a learning experience that will hold throughout your lifetime. There will never be a point where you know everything & anything, ever. That's what makes it fun though, we never know where the road will lead us or take us. It's a joyride but only if you let it be and don't put so much importance on others and their feedback with "Hey nice shot!". Instead, concentrate on the image itself, on making it, ask questions and concentrate on things which really matter, like improving your own artwork and how to go about doing it. Want to know one of the absolute best resources for doing just that? YouTube. Yes, YouTube. It is literally better than any photography course you could ever take because everything you ever wanted to know is literally at the tips of your fingertips. I bet most don't even know this but there are actually channels dedicated to the art of landscape photography & how to get the shots you want. "The Landscape Photography Show"  is but one of several that are on there. You aren't going to get that sort of information from people saying "hey nice shot!". 

Reality. It's what's for dinner. 
Now get you ass off of DA and take some photos!
Whew, it's been awhile since I wrote my last journal entry… which explained that I was on the road to recovery and all that jazz from having an absolutely massive surgery. Truth be told, I am not fully recovered yet BUT I feel the best I have felt in many, many years and for the first time in over a decade I am able to do the things which I only dreamed of doing. It's really pretty amazing how much the surgery helped me. I honestly feel like Superman! lol I am still amazed by the incision which I have, absolutely massive from being almost sawed in half. It's going good though and since September of last year, I have lost 125 pounds (and to think it wasn't weight loss surgery I even had) I am fitting into clothes from 1997 for crap sakes lol
I know I haven't been around here much, been really busy photographing like a mad man. That was a promise I made to myself when I was laying in the hospital shoot as much as humanly possible and to get off the computer as much as possible. These days I spend more time processing photos and shooting than anything else. As a result I am very backlogged but in a sense it's a good thing, just shows it's been productive as heck.

Back in May I decided to make the jump and upgrade from my Sony A550 to a Sony A77. The camera is just amazing and has taken some getting used to. My previous experience using my friends A65 has helped me though. (Thanks Ian!) I am really enjoying it and to think it was completely paid for by print sales is pretty darn awesome! I really need to thank you all for supporting me so much. You all rock. landed a nice little gig with a home builder here in Colorado who wants me to photograph their newly built subdivisions and they'll be displaying my photography in large stretched canvases inside their model homes. I'm pretty happy with that you can say. My plans right now are basically this; I am now fully cleared to go to the mountains finally, so I'll be spending some time up there. Not too much though, I plan to shoot locally a lot as I have some things in the works down here locally. It's kind of nice seeing as how I am planning to spend 2-3 weeks this Fall shooting continuously in the San Juan's, Rocky Mountain National Park along with possibly the Grand Mesa area. Color me excited!

Sunflower season is almost here. I haven't even gotten through processing my photos from last year, sheesh....time flies all too quickly, blink and you might miss it. Get ready for an onslaught for photos from me as well. I have a lot of images to share with you all which I haven't posted yet dating back all the way to last year. I just haven't had the time but now that you can schedule posts on DA, that makes my life a lot easier.

Lastly, I was roaming around here on DA this morning some. I saw some amazing work and I saw some amazing things being said. I found that interesting that so many seem to harbor grudges and hold on to old things from the past. Why? I do not know. I have a new outlook on life, I am surrounded with caring friends & caring people. I have an incredible amount of positive energy in my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm very happy. If you are harboring something against someone, let it go and give it up. Life is too short for that, way too short. None of us are perfect and often times we are at fault as much as the person who we believe wronged us. Like an autumn leaf, let it float away in the wind. In the end you'll feel a lot better and happier. Trust me. You really will. I'll leave you with this quote---
 “Resentment or grudges do no harm to the person against whom you hold these feelings but every day and every night of your life, they are eating at you”

Here's a few images I found recently which I thought were beautiful.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse by JessicaDobbs UT Spurs For Olena by Nightmare-v A Song For Man's Best Friend by DiamonEyes
Bubbles by TerkaLoty  Eastern Oregon Barn and Milky Way 9-7-13 by adamsimsphotography Little Oranges by jkrab

Impression 2 by Maciej-Koniuszy Bavarian autumn by Wolfling01 Somewhere only we know by Draken413o
Honestly, those of you who follow me on facebook  already know I have been back for a few weeks now. I just haven't really gotten around to writing this on here. You'll know why shortly.
I was on the operating table for 7 1/2 hours. That's a seriously long time but then again the surgery I had was massive. I woke up with a breathing tube in me and on a ventilator, along with an incision which is 4 1/2 feet long and had over 300 staples in me. Let me tell you, fun times right there! lol I don't remember much from the first few days after surgery considering how doped up I was on Morphine & Oxycodone. Everything from then is sort of a blur. They took out a whopping 56 pounds from me. I was pretty shocked by that considering this was for my lungs and circulatory system, not weight loss. I was in the surgical ICU unit for about a week before being transferred down to the regular surgical unit where I would spend another week before being transferred to the PT/OT floor where I would begin my rehab. My nurses and CNA's were the stuff superstars were made of. They went far beyond their calls of duty to help me and I owe them a debt of gratitude. Seeing as how some of my nurses will be reading this, I wanted to say thank you! 

Over all i spent a whopping 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital. At times it was kind of depressing, sitting around much of the day doing absolutely nothing except for when PT/OT would work me out for 4 1/2 hours in split shifts. I remember the first time they let me walk on my own, I was shocked that I was suddenly able to breathe so much better and walk so much farther than I had been in years. I felt like a new person in spite of me having a massive incision which at times hurt like the swords of hell were going in me. I did get a shock though. While being worked out and walking down the hallway, I made a turn into an area which I hadn't been before. What did I see? One of my photographs hanging on the wall. I kind of stopped, looked at my physical therapist and said "you have got to be kidding me, that's my photograph!" She then replied "there's another one very similar to it in the cafeteria, would you like to see it?" Well is the Pope Catholic? So we headed to the cafeteria and I stood in amazement seeing yet another photograph of mine on their walls. I am not sure where it was purchased & the material it was on had me very puzzled. It was a very hard surface, almost like a masonite and had a thin black frame around it. The day I was discharged, the nurses asked me to sign it. I think I just really needed to see that as it acted like a catalyst to completely supercharge me into high gear. 

One of the things which bothered me that I discovered on my own and brought to my doctors attention right away was that my body was beginning to become addicted to the Oxycodone. Not good but expected after being on such heavy doses for weeks. I would get the jitters and shakes, cold sweats and had trouble concentrating. I was taken off it immediately and had it replaced  with a non narcotic pain killer. It was pretty bad I have to say and I understand now why people get addicted to it. It's not so much for the high some folks get but to fight off the withdrawl systems of it. It's evil. 

I've been out shooting a few times since I have been home but I need to be very careful and have to stay very close to home due to the fact that I can't sit in open position very long and must move around as much as possible. This is why I haven't gotten around to writing this here yet. The reason? I have a post-op DVT in my right upper femoral artery in my leg. So I am on massive amounts of blood thinners as you can imagine. I never felt it and it was by a stroke of luck it was found while I was in the surgical ICU unit. That is seriously scary stuff right there as those can kill you. I kind of took a big deep breath when they told me. However it has really motivated me at the same time. As I sit here and type this, I feel the best I have felt in many years. I have home health nurses come every day to check on my incision, clean and change my dressings, etc. 

I have noticed some huge changes since I was discharged. Check this out---
The day I was discharged I put on my clothes I walked into the hospital in. My shirt, my pants, even my shoes, were all too large for me. I lost an addition 24 pounds while in the hospital and backed up with the 56 pounds from surgery, that makes it 75 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks. It was hysterical. Since the end of September, that makes it roughly 130 pounds (it's to early to add everything up at 5am lol) The first day I was able to go out with my camera I was shocked as I stood with my tripod. My o2 wasn't dropping like it used to (thanks lung surgery!) and I was able to breathe. I was floored by this. Completely. Friends say I am a whole new person and in many ways I feel like it. I have a very long road to recovery, one which will take months and after that I am looking at another surgery for other lung & circulatory issues but boy, I am focussed like I never have been before & I am on a high protein, low salt diet. It stinks I have to stay close to home for photography but it drives me to get better, quicker. 

In the end, I just wanted to say thank you to all for the well wishes in my previous journal. I read them while I was in the hospital laying in bed. I couldn't really respond as the wifi at the hospital was slower than dial up but I read each and every one of them. Multiple times over. It acted as encouragement. Thank you to my nurses, physical and occupation therapists and CNA's who are reading this. I owe you guys a lot. I'll stop in a few weeks and say hi to you all and say thank you in person and thank you for spending your breaks with me and keeping me company. It's awesome a few of you are into photography (shout out to Gary on that!) 

Onwards. Upwards. Forward!

Hospital My Photo by kkart

Well, I have kept mostly quiet about this here on DA but the time has come to where I have to write this for all of you.
2013 was a rough year for me, very. I learned a lot, more than I could have bargained for in many respects, I mean who wouldn't when you almost die lol (ya that happened in July after having a septic skin infection) and 2014 is starting off a bang. A very big bang!

This morning I will enter the hospital for multiple surgeries which will happen early tomorrow AM. I am nervous and scared but also very excited by the prospects that finally my lungs will be a lot better. I've waited a long time for this and finally I am getting a chance at starting all over again. My recovery time will be roughly 3 months with very intense physical therapy. I don't know how much I will be around until after that. For the first week I will be in ICU but once I am feeling up to it, I will check in on my tablet and let ya all know how I am doing.

It's probably easier to check my facebook… Google Plus… or twitter as it is so easy to update those compared to DA with their apps and such.

Anywho, hold my beer and watch this! Here's to better things and to better outlooks!
Well, I have kept mostly quiet about this here on DA but the time has come to where I have to write this for all of you.
2013 was a rough year for me, very. I learned a lot, more than I could have bargained for in many respects, I mean who wouldn't when you almost die lol (ya that happened in July after having a septic skin infection) and 2014 is starting off a bang. A very big bang!

This morning I will enter the hospital for multiple surgeries which will happen early tomorrow AM. I am nervous and scared but also very excited by the prospects that finally my lungs will be a lot better. I've waited a long time for this and finally I am getting a chance at starting all over again. My recovery time will be roughly 3 months with very intense physical therapy. I don't know how much I will be around until after that. For the first week I will be in ICU but once I am feeling up to it, I will check in on my tablet and let ya all know how I am doing.

It's probably easier to check my facebook… Google Plus… or twitter as it is so easy to update those compared to DA with their apps and such.

Anywho, hold my beer and watch this! Here's to better things and to better outlooks!
My camera broke and right now, after having just spend close to a full week in the hospital being very ill (severe skin infection which went into my blood stream and caused me to be septic) I don't have the finances to fix it. I am pretty freaked out at the moment considering sunflower season is right around the corner and fall is knocking on the door. I make 100% of what income I do have from my photography and it isn't easy, in fact, "hard" is an understatement. I thought that I would try to drum up some print sales in hopes of repairing my camera and being able to do what I do love and do best, photography. 
Honestly, I am kind of bummed by this (ok, a lot bummed) as photography has been my "go to" for a little slice of tranquility in an otherwise crazy world. 

I appreciate the support everyone, greatly. My store on DA where prints, puzzles, coffee mugs, canvases may be purchased is here
Some of the highlights include;

A New Start by kkart When The Angels Dance by kkart   The Sunworshiper by kkart

God's Painted Sky by kkart  Little Buddy by kkart  Thunder Rising by kkart

The Tree Of Life by kkart   A September Remembrance by kkart  Fire Of Fall by kkart

Again, thank you everyone for your support. 
I giggled when I saw this. So much so I had to share! I am subscribed until "Hell Freezes Over" so I am guessing that this means that hell officially freezes on January 18, 2038? Should we start hoarding BBQ supplies and Hudson Bay blankets now? Also, 25 years is soon? WE ARE DOOMED! lol


I recently came upon this article titled "The "Nice Shot" Comment Myth" over on the website which I thought was important enough to share with all of you. I highly suggest that you give it a good read and also take in the comments which are posted on the article itself. It's a very interesting read and one which I find relates directly to DA. I know that many times this is a topic of conversation and one which I have always thought about. I fully agree with the author however in that every comment is a meaningful one and I get his gist of what he is saying and has to say. 
Go check it out!


I wanted to invite you all to read a article I recently penned over on my photoblog titled "The Long Road-An Editorial"…
I think a great many of you will be able to relate to this, big time.
It is interesting to see "outside the box" if you will when it comes to photography and it is also interesting to have your eyes opened up to things as well.
I would encourage you all to leave a comment if you would like and tell me your thoughts. You can subscribe to my photoblog as well.
Just remember, it isn't about favs, it isn't page views, it's about YOU in your artistic journey as it relates to photography.
Never give up and never stop shooting.

Quick shout out to :iconcaybeach: for redesigning my photoblog. Again, thank you.
A heads up. I see DA is promoting a new contest titled ""A Calendar of Tales" and I am here to tell you that there is no way you should even consider entering this by any means.
Shame on you DA for not explaining the terms of this contest in your journal entry that everyone on the site ain't right.
While this contest sounds all good it is anything BUT.
Want to lose your copyright? How about allowing derivative works being made from your submitted art?
This is, by it's very definition, nothing but a "rights grab" and only a "rights grab".

Looking through the submission guidelines for the contest which are found here on the bottom of the submission page in a tiny link… (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to "terms and conditions" and click) you see this;

LICENSING OF SUBMISSIONS/GRANT OF RIGHTS: By participating in this Promotion, and to the extent allowed by law, participants (i) grant a worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable (including the right to sublicense to further third parties), unconditional, fully paid-up and transferable license to use his/her first name, last name and create derivative works of all Submissions (whether acceptable or not, regardless of the form they take, and including, without limitation, any and all copyrights, trademarks, contract and licensing rights, moral rights or "droit moral" and other intellectual property and proprietary rights in Submissions) to RIM, (ii) agree that RIM may license and assign all such rights to Ambassador and others (collectively "Licensees"), (iii) grant RIM and Licensees the absolute right and permission to edit, modify, cut, rearrange, add to, delete from, reproduce, encode, store, transmit, produce, publish, rent, lease, distribute (directly or indirectly through multiple tiers), post, broadcast, publicly perform or display, adapt, exhibit and/or otherwise use or reuse or exploit (without limitation as to when or to the number of times used) and use the content of and elements embodied in the Submissions and the Submissions themselves in perpetuity (except in France, for the duration of rights) in any and all media including but not limited to digital and electronic media, television, cinema, computer, DVD, CD, Competition Site(s), print, audio and audiovisual media (whether now existing or hereafter devised), in any language, throughout the world, and in any manner, for trade, advertising, promotional, commercial, or any other purposes without further review, notice, approval, consideration or compensation to participant or any third party, (iv) shall execute and deliver documents, at RIM's expense, requested by RIM or as may be necessary to vest in RIM the rights and waivers provided herein, (v) agree that email may satisfy any writing requirement that may apply to the assignment, conveyance, transfer, license, or waiver of any of the aforementioned rights, (vi) waive and release RIM from any and all claims that participants may now or hereafter have in any jurisdiction based on "moral rights" or "droit moral" or unfair competition with respect to RIM's exploitation of Submissions without further compensation to participants of any kind, (vii) agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against RIM or Licensees, or any other person, on the grounds that any use of any Submission, or any derivative works, infringe or violate any of participants' rights therein, and (viii) agree that RIM and Licensees shall have the right and permission to use the name, photograph, twitter handle (if applicable), testimonial or other likeness or personal exposition of a participant (and/or any edited portion thereof) for promotional, advertising and/or publicity purposes in any media, now or hereafter known throughout the world in perpetuity, without compensation or notice to, or further consent of, any participant to the extent permitted by law. Participants also agree that RIM may have access to, may have created, or may in the future create designs, ideas and concepts that may have familiarities or similarities to his/her Submission, and that he/she will not be entitled to any compensation or right to negotiate with the RIM because of these familiarities or similarities.

Shame on you DA for even promoting a contest which completely takes advantage of artists....that ain't right!!!!!! As a website you have a duty to uphold to your members and to not sucker punch them with stuff like this.....sigh....this disgusts me.

Now you know.

Stay the hell away.
So, I was just kind of looking around here this AM and noticed that many of the people I used to follow have left DA, many of the groups I used to belong to are inactive and sit dormant. I figured at some point this would probably happen and it just sort of hit me this AM how much it has happened. many it seems have moved to G+, facebook, 500px and flickr (flickr, who by the way, gave everybody a free 3 month premium membership for Christmas) I have been spending some time over on flickr lately and I forgot just how valuable that site is and how good it really is. Groups there are simply amazing and the wealth of knowledge and info is amazing within the forums of the groups (something which members of DA have been asking for since day 1 and still, no forums inside groups here :( ) Check out the Adobe Lightroom group as an example…  call me crazy but I get excited by that sort of thing.

I started to wonder though who was still alive around here and thought that many of you who comment on my images, I genuinely don't know. Many of you I have never seen before and I suppose in some ways that is my own doing these days as I am not all that active on here 9compared to the days when I would spend upwards of 8+ hours on here....insane huh? What was I thinking 5 years ago???) but wanted to know "who" you were. So let's hear it, who's who!
Just a heads up.
I was recently interviewed for 'Project Educate' here on DA and that interview with me titled 'Why I Do Art' is now posted and can be read here
In it I talk about photography, why I do what I do and what it means to me personally. I answered such questions as 'What is it about photography that still keeps you going with it too this day?' and 'What advice would you give to other aspiring photographers who may be feeling discouraged by a lack of feedback for their own work?' among others.

Go check it out!
Thought that I would write something real fast and give you guys an idea for the next time you are out shooting!

Now, with that being said and out of the way, I have a little photo tip for you all and hopefully this will throw some ideas into your head. one of the things which I love to do is use a very long lens to study the landscape. Think 300mm and longer here. Of course this requires a tripod to really get a sharp shot and usually fstops at around f16. This though opens up a whole new world to you and your images. In a sense it is similar to photographing macro images in that you start to see things, details, which you never would notice in the first place. A whole world of textures, patterns, light, color and intimate details starts to open up to you. These are what I call "compression landscapes". they are simply a blast to take and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the world which starts to open to you.  It's pretty amazing! below I have gone ahead and shared a few pieces where I have used this technique.

I hope this helps some of you out and makes you think outside the box some.
I leave you all with a random thought this Sunday morning.

"Judge Not, Least Ye Be Judged Yourself" So the next time you decide to weigh into something you know nothing about, please try not to look as beautiful as a dog who has their ass shaved and is walking backwards. Just sayin'.  Some really need to see a psychologist. Oh wait....