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October 3, 2009


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Report: Climate change 'greatest threat ever' to national parks

The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization released a report this past Thursday stating that the greatest threat that currently faces US National Parks is climate change. Click news title for article.

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EtherEagle Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
We All understand that there is A LOT of things wrong on this planet. What concerns me is the "Solutions" the so called "Climate Change Crowd" propose. There is a treaty to be proposed in Copenhagen in December to replace the Kyoto treaty. Selling carbon credits and taxing the shit out of Co2 is not the answer. First of all the whole Global Warming- Climate Change scare mongering is a lie! A lie to convince people to support a global solution. People can rant and be ignorant to hidden agendas all they want, it still does not make them lies! Just because something is hidden does not make it a lie! Propaganda flows freely throughout the world. It's soul purpose is to divide people and turn them on one another. It works very well. Wake up, this climate change crap is bullshit! Just like the World Health Organizations Pandemic, or the IMF- World Banking fraud! Wake up people, your being lied to on so many levels. That is the real problem here! Deception.
rcmck Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009
What happened to global warming? Wasn't actually warming so it is now climate change? I'm confused, it was sunny yesterday, tomorrow it is going to rain, is that not climate change? It will be relatively cooler tomorrow also. I find it funny that people expect climate to remain the same year in and year out, as if it is some given right. We have no control over it.
cmg2901 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009
It is discussed always only it, but is changed nothing. It lies purely in our hand. We are obliged to it.
BowEchoMedia Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Professional Photographer
Why do I just want to roll my eyes at this? Maybe because I'm a meteorology major, maybe because I've spend the last 6 days researching global climate change... I don't know, but after all I've read, I do think they are blowing things out of proportion. We have yet to collect enough data to do a real analysis of the global climate to make these kinds of assumptions and declarations. And the best article I can point you to that I've discovered in my research is this:


In the article, the author talks about how the data that's been collected was in essence flawed and that since the initial interpretation of the data was published, it has disappeared. Never mind how that happens, what really threw me for a loop was how this data was collected in the first place: around major cities where temperature is always higher because of the fact that they're all steel and concrete, which retains heat much more than the outlying country, giving you a false reading.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe humans have contributed to global climate change, but how much is the real question.
kkart Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Professional Photographer
I think we have contributed a lot to climate change, back in the 80s it was all the CFC being released into the air, look at all the pollution from car/truck exhaust...when you stop and you really think about that alone, it is major. Earth=Lungs....Pollution=Tar & Nicotine from cigarettes. It all has to go somewhere, right?
BowEchoMedia Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009  Professional Photographer
True. I'm not saying we haven't contributed, I'm just saying how much is the question. It's all debatable because like I said in my previous comment, that collected data has become questionable.

I'm really into the science and hard facts when it comes to global warming and climate change. I can't just say, oh, yeah, we're experiencing global warming. Where are the facts? Who comes up with them? Are these people respectable scientists without a political agenda, or are they in the pocket of some politician?
AndyMumford Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009
National Parks, how about the entire planet. Millions of people in developing countries face the loss of their homes and ways of living...but we might only start to do something about it when we can no longer drive our gas guzzling SUVs to National Parks.

It's good that people read articles about this, but the problem lies in people going "Oh, that's terrible" but doing nothing about it. People need to move away from their dependance on oil (which is hard in the US cos your entire economy and foreign policy is built around it) and over consumption of resources. I've said this before, and I know I'm banging on, but the average electrical consumption of a US household is 3 times that of a European one. You could use HALF the amount of energy you do, and you'd still be using more than us...but it means getting rid of those huge fridges, turning off the AC (I live in a country which has 100º temperatures for almost 4 months a year and we never use air con here. If houses are well designed, you simply don't need to). People need to change the type of cars they drive, and drive a hell of a lot less. We need to question our attitude to consumer good consumption, buying shit all the time. We need to change our attitude to food and it's production...and most of all, we need to change our attitude to developing countries.
It's terrible that so many people died in on 9/11, but 25000 people die from starvation EVERY DAY on the planet, and according to UN statistics, we could feed ever single person on the planet for less than half the amoun that the US spends on the war in Iraq (which in itself is causing untold suffering and death, and creating a whole generation of people in the middle east who resent the West even more).

In the west, and the US in particular we have the technical capality and the financial muscle to end both starvation and our dependance on oil, which is destroying the planet. As nations, we have no problem with getting together and spending billions to invade other countries, but we don't have the will to do the same thing to create renewable energy and stop people from dying from starvation.
Why is that?
What is wrong with us as people?

Quite simply, we like our comfort, we like our wealth, and we'll only start to do something when we are directly effected...and then it will be too late.
daskibum Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I love people like you who hate the US then want us to fix all the worlds problems.
AndyMumford Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009
Exactly where in my comment did I say I hate the US. I don't hate the US as a country, nor the people who live there. I do however hate the foreign policy of your governments (no matter whether they are Republican or Democrat) which are solely rooted in control of resources, but I accept that most European governments are exactly the same, just less powerful.
If you'd actually read what I said, rather than jumping straight onto the defensive, you may have noticed that I used the word "we" most of the time when talking about the cause of the problems we face to today, and the people responsible for changing it.
I accept my own role in the issues we face today, and rather than expecting the US to change it (as you wrote) I take actions to change it myself. I wrote (read carefully here) that " the west, and the US in particular we have the technical capality and the financial muscle to end both starvation and our dependance on oil, which is destroying the planet"
What this means is that ALL developed countries have the means (financial and technical) to get together to solve the problems in the world. I wrote "the US in particular" because it's undeniable that the US has more technical and financial means than any other country. Do you think I'm wrong here? Look at the technical know-how in your country that drives the IT industry, the military industry, space exploration etc etc. Do you believe that there is another country more advanced than the US in any of these?
I wrote that "our" nations get together to spend billions on wars....I didn't isolate the US for blame here, the country I live in (Portugal) and the country of my birth (Britain) both supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and both support policies of organisations like the World Bank and the IMF which keep countries in debt, so where in those comments did you pick up that I hate the US?

I gave the statistic about energy usage in the US, and this is a fact. This doesn't mean I hate the US, it could equally be argued that my country uses far more energy than other countries and should therefor cutback. When someone points this out to me (as they frequently do when I visit other countries), I don't accuse them of hating my country, rather I question why it is that I live the way I do, and what I can do to change that.

Likewise I gave the statistic about the money that the US spends on wars. I accept that other countries spend significant amounts of their budgets on the same war, but can you name another one that spends 20 billion, or as high a percentage of it's GDP?

It's all about responsibility, and everyone needs to face up to it. Getting upset when people question your government doesn't help. I don't hate the US, I think it is a great country with a fantastic people who deserve far better government. But there ARE people who hate your country, and you need to look past the "Oh people hate the US cos they're jealous of our way of life" (which is nonsense btw) and look at why some people get so angry at you. You might discover that they have good reason to.
I accept the role my own countries have in the exploitation of resources and people, and it makes me ashamed of the governments who run the countries I live in.
We're all stuck in the same mess, on the same planet together....we all need to change....I know that. Do you?
daskibum Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
You post was full of anti-US tones. Yes, you said we, but only after singling out the US first every time. Your tone was one of its mainly the US's fault. You want to bring 9-11 (which had nothing to do with the topic) and money spent on war that could be spent to end world hunger... meanwhile the US gives more aid to other countries than the next 2 closest combine. End of the day we aren't perfect. But we are expected to solve the problems of everyone else, we do as much good as harm, and we only get told how horrible we are. Its crap.
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